Build a long term relationship with the flexible injection quills from Crystal Industrial

Fujairah is one of the most potential oil export hubs of UAE. For this reason, it is mandatory to develop an economical and sustainable business and manufacturing environment in this city. The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial ensure that the new pipelines of Fujairah are safe and economical for flow of crude oil.

Crude oil consists of several kinds of chemicals which cause corrosion to the expensive pipelines; the pipelines gradually get thinner and need to be replaced at a very short span of time. The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial ensure that the chemicals flow just in between the pipes; in this way the side ports and walls of the main pipeline do not come in contact with the harsh chemicals, leading to less corrosion and early damage.

But for effective performance of Crystal Industrial chemical injection quills, the quills need to be installed properly. It is suggested that the chemical injection quills are installed near the retractor, so that the chemicals flow directly through the centre of the pipes.

It is also suggested by the expert engineers of Crystal Industrial that the length of the injection quills should not be shorter or longer than the length of the pipelines. The standard size of injection quills manufactured at Crystal Industrial is 4 inch, but the injection quills can also be trimmed to suit the unique requirements of the pipelines of Fujairah. Hence, you can get both standard and customised chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial, for your unique production process.

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