Take the first step of effective refinery management with injection quills, Abu Dhabi

The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial are your first step to manage your refineries effectively. These chemical injection quills are now delivered at Abu Dhabi to provide the oil and gas industries of the city with a cost effective production process.

The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial which are delivered at Abu Dhabi are small tubes inserted into the pipelines of your refinery for injecting chemicals.

This process is cost effective as you need not stop your production process when inserting or removing the chemical injection quills. The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial can work under high work pressure of up to 3600 psi.

The chemical injection quills delivered by Crystal Industrial at Abu Dhabi meet the basic mechanical standards. One such standard is the chemical injection quills must be resistant to corrosion and hence are manufactured with materials like Kynar and Hastelloy.

Moreover, the injection quills from Crystal Industrial help in even dispersion of chemicals into the main stream; in this way the chemical injection quills, Abu Dhabi protect the side ports and walls of the pipelines from corrosion and early damage.

For effective working of injection quills at your refinery, you must place the injection quills near the reactor. Moreover, the best part to inject chemicals is at the centre of the pipe. The fluid velocity is highest at the centre of the pipeline and hence injection at this point means less concentration of chemicals; which saves the costly chemicals from wastage.

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