Get standard and customised injection quills at Dubai

The injection quills are considered to be essential equipment in the oil and gas industry of Dubai. The injection quills refer to small tubes or pipes inserted into the main pipelines in order to inject chemicals into the main flow.

The injection quills from Crystal Industrial follow some specific mechanical standards to ensure that the injection quills are effective in reducing the production cost. The first being the use of corrosion resistant materials to manufacture injection quills.

These chemical injection quills are in regular contact with harsh chemicals and hence are prone to damage and corrosion. To provide an extended life to these chemical injection quills, corrosion resistant materials like Hastelloy, Kynar or PVC is used to manufacture the quills.

The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial also save the wastage of costly chemicals. These injection quills used in Dubai ensure that the chemical flow into the centre of the pipelines and hence there is less wastage of chemicals.

Moreover, as the chemicals flow just through the centre, the side walls and ports of the pipelines do not come in contact with these chemicals and hence are saved from corrosion, which means a longer life for your costly pipelines.

Injection quills from Crystal Industrial are generally available in 3 to 4 inch length but can also be customised as per process requirement. These injection quills are manufactured as per the NPT standards and hence can be used in any standard system. Chemical injection quills are one of the cost effective system tools which can stabilize your investment process.

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