Get the customised injection quills for Al Ain from Crystal Industrial

The fast growing manufacturing industry of the Al Ain city of UAE is in urgent need of piping specialities which can reduce the production cost. The advanced chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial are one such piping speciality which make the oil refining and export process cost effective.

The refineries of crude oil deal with harsh chemicals and fluids. With continues exposure to these harsh chemicals and gas, the expensive pipelines used in this industry get thinner rapidly and hence have short life span, increasing the production cost.

The chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial ensure that the chemicals flow into the centre of pipes and the walls and side ports are do not come in contact with the chemicals; this reduces the rate of corrosion which in turn extends the life of the pipelines.

Moreover, the injection quills from Crystal Industrial can be installed and replaced under high pressure of up to 3600 psi. Hence, there is no need to shut down or depressurize the system for using injection quills. This again is a time saving benefit from the chemical injection quills from Crystal Industrial.

Al Ain crude oil refineries and export companies have unique production processes for which specialised injection quills are needed. The expert engineers of Crystal Industrial can manufacture the customised chemical injection quills at short notice. They also provide you beneficial suggestions about which type of chemical injection quills will be best for your company. Crystal Industrial manufactures both standard and special injection quills.

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